Beat HSC Stress!

Welcome to the secret page for the Beat HSC Stress presentation attendees!

On this page you will find various resources that will help you to manage stress and anxiety throughout the year to optimise your performance in the HSC. We will be updating the page and adding various helpful tips and strategies throughout the year, so bookmark this page and check it periodically!

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Options for further help

Don’t forget about our other programs that we run to offer further help in managing stress and anxiety, with particular regards to the HSC.

Option 1

Beat HSC Workshops

These small group (6-10 students) workshops are run out of our Woonona clinic on Monday afternoons from 4pm-5pm in the months of March, April, and May (may also continue on). Each session will cover a different topic, and these are:

  • Boost brain power
  • Think like a champion
  • Get Sh*t done (overcoming procrastination)
  • Rise above stress

These workshops are run independently of one another and you are able to join in at any stage. It is recommended that you attend all four sessions to maximise the benefit of this approach.

Click here to register your interest and book in for these workshops or call 0411 542 624.

Option 2


Find and join our group on Facebook group (BeatHSCstress). We will be posting LIVE videos that will further develop your understanding and ability to manage stress and anxiety thoughout the HSC.


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