Our Services

Marsden Clinical Psychology aim to provide expert clinical treatment to those suffering from psychological difficulties. This is achieved by promoting emotional wellbeing and recovery from mental illness through individually tailored and goal-directed psychological therapy.

Adult Therapy

Marsden Clinical Psychology provides expert psychological treatment for adults across a range of areas including, trauma and PTSD, anger management, relationship difficulties, dealing with stress, therapy for anxiety and therapy for depression. Each person centred treatment plan is tailored to focus on individual needs and aims to navigate each adult’s challenges and psychological difficulties to achieve independent goals.

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Specialist clinical treatment is available for a variety of psychological difficulties that adolescents deal with on a daily basis, such as, sadness and depression, stress and anxiety, anger, self-harm and relationships. Adolescence is a time of individualisation and a time when the family structure and social dynamics can alter. Marsden Clinical Psychology acknowledges this period of adjustment and aims to build a therapeutic rapport with adolescents struggling to cope with these changes and emerging mental health issues, whilst placing emphasis on achieving individual goals and promoting emotional wellbeing.

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Children & Families

Marsden Clinical Psychology provides assessment and treatment services to children and their families across emotional, behavioural and social areas. This includes anxiety and other emotions, behavioural difficulties, ADHD, autism, food and eating problems, school and learning and family therapy. We understand that as a parent it can be stressful to know your child is struggling and it may place stress on the family unit. Dr. Marsden can provide guidance and support through early intervention and therapy to improve and maintain the emotional wellbeing for you, your child and family.

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Marsden Clinical Psychology provides information for referring GPs and Psychiatrists, as well as providing guidance in relation to time efficient assessment of metal illness. We also deliver training and instruction to working professionals of other disciplines in areas such as resilience in the working environment, managing difficult behaviour in the classroom and emotion coaching for childcare workers and teachers.

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Clinical Neuropsychology

Marsden Clinical Psychology have now employed a clinical neuropsychology registrar who can provide assessments AND treatment for people experiencing difficulties with:

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