A better approach to mental health care

We are building a more comprehensive approach to managing mental health and ensuring we deliver quality in our services

As you may already be aware, at Marsden Psychology we offer the Illawarra a range of services for the assessment and treatment of a broad range of mental disorders and general mental health difficulties.

Our Kids Clinic in Woonona has a growing focus on the more complex problems, including autism and ADHD, and we provide services for NDIS funded clients that are self managed or plan managed. Our Woonona Kids Clinic also offers psychological treatment for other child and developmental problems, including anxiety, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Our Stress & Trauma Centre in Wollongong offers adults a discreet and individually tailored treatment plan for overcoming difficulties with life’s stressors, traumas suffered through adulthood or in early childhood, and the broader spectrum of mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, workplace stress, anger management, and alcohol/drug misuse.

To ensure we are providing the best psychological intervention and care to our patients, we have extended our services because we believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from emotional turmoil.

Family Therapy and Marriage Counselling

We now have a family therapist and marriage counsellor (couples therapists) to assist when there are relationship difficulties at home or within a persons marriage or intimate relationship.

Sometimes when someone is depressed or experiencing significant emotional difficulties, seeing a therapist alone is not enough or may not be treating the complete picture of difficulties. Incorporating marriage counselling or family therapy can be an invaluable adjunct to individual therapy and sometimes may even be a better approach to working through individual problems. This can particularly be helpful with adolescents that are depressed (using Attachment Based Family Therapy, for example, helping a parent and a child repair ruptures in their relationship and working to develop or rebuild an emotionally secure relationship).

Autism Therapy Assistant

In our Kids Clinic where we work with many children on the autism spectrum, we are now employing an amazing autism expert as a therapy assistant, Carina Beattie.

Carina is helping our patients with a variety of extra services to assist our clinical psychologists to provide comprehensive care and advocacy through the school systems. Some of these extra services include preparing and providing transition plans for children as they move from year to year at school or from preschool to primary school or primary to high school.

Our therapy assistant service is also able to provide assistance in NDIS planning and review meetings and may assist with advocacy through this process. This service also extends to other developmental disorders or learning disorders, such as ADHD and dyslexia (or specific learning disorders of reading, writing, and mathematics).

Neuropsychology Assessment

Not many know of neuropsychology and the value it can add to mental health treatment. Our neuropsychologist provides invaluable services to our clients and from our perspective provides the extra support we need to ensure we are treating the right psychological disorders in the right way.

Any psychologist can conduct psychometric assessments but a neuropsychologist has been specifically trained in teasing apart the complex brain based problems and pulling it all together again to provide the most appropriate and on point recommendations for treatment and help in other areas of life, such as school and the classroom environment. They are also very good at explaining complex problems in simplified ways. This ensures that your assessment is useful and able to be applied practically, rather than a document that sits in a filing cabinet only to see the light of day when another professional requests it.