Because of Her, We Can!

NAIDOC week 2018

“Healing gives us back to ourselves. Not to hide or fight anymore. But to sit still, calm our minds, listen to the universe and allow our spirits to dance on the wind. It lets us enjoy the sunshine and be bathed by the golden glow of the moon as we drift into our dreamtime. Healing ultimately gives us back to our country.”

Professor Helen Milroy, Aboriginal Child Psychiatrist and Australia’s first Aboriginal doctor, 2009.


This week our nation, communities and families celebrate NAIDOC week*.

In 2018 the theme is “Because of Her, We can!”, which is our invitation to acknowledge and celebrate all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, like Child Psychiatrist Prof. Helen Milroy, embody the wisdom of the oldest living culture on Earth, spanning 65,000 years. With dreaming stories that teach about what it is to be a well and connected human, we have so much to learn from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers, elders, grandmothers, aunties, sisters and daughters in our communities.

My personal experience of working for years with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in South East Queensland has taught me about how interconnected we are.  In my work with pregnant mothers, I witnessed how one mother’s grief following a pregnancy loss can instantly and intimately be felt by all mothers in her wider circle. More modern work in social neurobiology is telling us what these ancient traditions have been saying all along, we are biologically wired to feel with others.

This week we acknowledge the women of our oldest living culture on Earth. We thank you for your wisdom around what it is to heal. I trust in the ancient healing wisdom you’ve shared with me. Wisdom that says, as we strengthen our connectedness with ourselves, our friends, families, communities, environment and spirit we begin to heal the anxieties and despair that arise from disconnectedness.

* NAIDOC is week of celebrating the history, culture, achievements & future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia.

Written by Dr Rachelle Jones.