Content: A state of peaceful happiness

What is happiness to me?

Happiness to me is feeling content. A feeling that is understated but no mean feat. In this day and age, it is all too common to be searching for the next best thing; a better job, more money, a new car, bigger house, or those new shoes that are a must have accessory item. We move through our day at such a pace, racing to the future without stopping to appreciate the things we already have achieved.

To me, this breads unhappiness. It fosters dissatisfaction with life, and contributes to hopelessness for the future because we never seem to get to where we want to be. You may even build a sense of worthlessness as you compare yourself to those that have more or are more fortunate than you, resulting in self-blame, dissatisfaction, and a bitter state of mind.

Slow down, you move to fast.

Take time on International Day of Happiness, the 20th March, to slow down and take stock of what you have and what you’ve achieved in life so far. Practice being content. Focus your mind on what you have, not what you do not have, and appreciate it like you are going to lose it because one day you just may.

There is a Groove Armada song called Little by Little, sung by Richie Havens. It goes:

Perhaps we’re on our way, perhaps we’ve gone too far,
Perhaps we should slow down, and be where we really are.

Try living today, today,
Little by little, in your own way.

These lyrics, and this song, are a great reminder for me that I need to slow down and appreciate where I am in life. I am reminded to focus on each day as I live and breathe it.

Practice the art of being content

There is an art to being content and like any art it requires practice and effort. To be content you will need to stop your mind from being overly focused on the future and what you do not have. Rather, you will need to focus your mind on what you have already and what you have achieved in life so far.

Be pleased with your accomplishments. Accept your current position in life.

And live today, today; little by little.