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Stress & Trauma Centre

Dr Nick Marsden and his team have drawn from research on human behaviour and design principles to create a refreshing and calming environment conducive to healing from the stressors of life and past traumas suffered. The Stress & Trauma Centre balances the rigorous mental and emotional work of therapy with natural light and soothing decor, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Natural elements, timber and plant life, have been carefully arranged to promote stress reduction; while the soft lighting induces a sense of comfort and coziness. Even the chairs have been selected to induce a sense of protection and personal safety.

The Stress & Trauma Centre is run by a team of professional psychologists dedicated to and focused on providing expert psychological care to adults who wish to build a better life for themselves, free from inner-criticism, emotional turmoil, and relationship struggles. Therapy will be individualised to suit the needs of each person because we believe that there isn’t a “one size fits all” model of care. The Stress & Trauma Centre is here to stay, which means you can form an enduring relationship with your therapist so when you need help most, we are there for you.

Stress and trauma manifests in many different ways: depressed mood, emotional numbing, generalised anxiety, hyper-vigilance, shame, guilt, reduced libido, frequent changes to moods from distressed and agitated to suicidal, and often there are difficulties with reliance on drugs and/or alcohol.

If you are experiencing stress or suffer from psychological difficulties related to the experience of trauma, contact the Stress & Trauma Centre:

Phone: 0411 542 624

Email: info@marsdenpsychology.com.au