The impending Postal Survey of Australia’s opinions regarding changing the laws to allow same sex marriage has no doubt exacerbated mental health difficulties for many of our LGBTI community.


LGBTI people already suffer greater levels of psychological distress in comparison to the general population. Research from La Trobe University in 2012 indicated scores on the K10 (a measure of anxiety and depression symptoms) were almost 50% higher in LGBTI people compared with the general population (ARSCSHS, 2012).


What’s more, evidence shows that LGBTI people are more likely to attempt suicide than those in the general population (ARSCSHS, 2012; Jones, et. al. 2016; Johnston, et. al. 2009; McNeil, et. al. 2012).


For a population that already experiences more social exclusion and abuse, which is directly associated with increased risk of mental illness, self-harm, addiction, and suicidal behaviours, the irony of the High Court decision to permit the Postal Survey falling two days prior to World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th) is not lost on us.


That is why Marsden Clinical Psychology support a Yes vote in the postal survey.


We value equity amongst all members of our community. We value the mental health and wellbeing of our LGBTI friends, family, and community.


VOTE YES in the postal survey.