The Blackdog Institute

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is another organisation that have very useful information about depression and anxiety. Here you will find a range of resources that will help you to understand the nature of these types of mental disorders.

Medicare App for claiming a rebate

If you have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and are eligible for a rebate you can download a simple smart phone app that will make claiming easy and quick.

Medicare Information

Can I claim a Medicare rebate on my sessions? If you present to your appointment with a GP referral letter and a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) you will be able to claim up to ten sessions in a calendar year. The rebate amount varies, depending on the service you pay for. We will take full payment for your session on the day of your appointment and provide you with a receipt that you can use to claim the rebate.

Developing Minds: Adolescence

The adolescent mind is constantly changing; it’s growing and developing from childhood through to adulthood. Neurons form new synaptic connections in the brain everyday and are shaped by interpersonal experiences, which make life as an adolescent (and parent) evermore confusing. (more…)

Psychology & Medicare in a nutshell!

At the beginning of a new year it can be very confusing to know what a patient needs or what a psychologists requires in terms of Medicare and referrals. Take a look at this helpful infographic where GP Mental Health Treatment Plans and Referral Letters are explained simply.

IES-R Autoscorer for GPs

R U OK eBook

So, you have asked your friend “R U OK?” and they have said, “no, not really.” What do you do now? Do you awkwardly back out of the conversation or brush over it as though you didn’t hear them?