Specialist clinical treatment is available for a variety of psychological difficulties that adolescents deal with on a daily basis, such as, sadness and depression, stress and anxiety, anger, self-harm and relationships. Adolescence is a time of individualisation and a time when the family structure and social dynamics can alter. Marsden Clinical Psychology acknowledges this period of adjustment and aims to build a therapeutic rapport with adolescents struggling to cope with these changes and emerging mental health issues, whilst placing emphasis on achieving individual goals and promoting emotional wellbeing.

Types of problems

People experience many problems, including Stress and Anxiety, Sadness & Depression, Self-harm, Relationships, Anger & Aggression (more…)

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How can a psychologist help me?

A psychologist is someone who has been to university and studied how the mind and the brain work. They have learnt lots of different methods of helping people to overcome the problems they face in life.

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Info for parents

The adolescent mind is constantly changing; it’s growing and developing from childhood through to adulthood. Neurons form new synaptic connections in the brain everyday and are shaped by interpersonal experiences, which make life as an adolescent (and parent) evermore confusing.

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