How can a psychologist help me?

A psychologist is someone who has been to university and studied how the mind and the brain work. They have learnt lots of different methods of helping people to overcome the problems they face in life.

These methods are called ‘therapy’ and there are many different types and approaches to helping someone with their problems. Sometimes therapy involves talking through issues and problem solving, or changing particular behaviours or actions that have proven to be unhelpful for someone, or talking about different emotions and how to cope with them.

There are many different problems that psychologists help with too. You don’t need to be CRAZY to see a psychologist; sometimes the problem a psychologist is giving help with is relatively small, such as helping a teenager deal with a bully, or organise school work. Other times the problems are more intense and may be related to family relationships or fairly frightening things like hearing voices.

The most important thing is that you get help from a professional who is trained in helping people: a psychologist.

If you are unsure whether a psychologist would be the right person to help you, just give us a call and we can talk through it with you over the phone. Click on the Book an Appointment tab at the top of the page and leave your details for us to call you back.

We will be discreet and keep it personal so no one will find out unless you want them to!