Guide for GPs

Below is some information for professional who may be looking to refer Children, families, Adults and Couples. There are also some helpful resources to the right of this page. 

Referring Adults

If you are a GP wishing to refer an adult for individual therapy, please ask your patient to call and make an initial appointment for an assessment of their psychological difficulties and to discuss treatment planning. It would also be appreciated if they are given a referral letter to Marsden Clinical Psychology stating the number of psychological therapy sessions they have been referred for (this is a Medicare requirement for clinical psychologists if they are to provide this Medicare service and Medicare will allow a GP to refer a patient for up to six sessions of therapy at a time).

It would also be helpful if they are referred under a Mental Health Treatment Plan, should you consider this appropriate, and provided with a copy to give to Marsden Clinical Psychology.

If you are uncertain if a patient is eligible for a mental health treatment plan please call Dr Marsden and he will provide his clinical opinion given the information you have. You may wish to send a patient for an assessment to ascertain their eligibility for a Mental Health Treatment Plan first, but please note that a patient will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate on this assessment session without a Mental Health Treatment Plan in place.

Referring Children

When making a referral for a child, please complete the Mental Health Treatment Plan for the child and send a referral letter in the child’s name, as they will be the ones receiving treatment under the Medicare Benefits Scheme, should you consider this appropriate. In some circumstances, you may deem the parent eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan also and wish to refer them as well as their child. In these circumstances, the clinical psychologist at Marsdens Clinical Psychology will determine who requires therapy at which particular stage of the treatment plan. Please do not hesitate to call Marsdens Clinical Psychology if you have any further questions.

Referring Families and Couples

At times, it may be appropriate to see family members, or a couple, if there are difficulties that appear to be systemic in nature and related to relationship dynamics. These difficulties can often cause diagnosable mental disorders in individuals (such as major depressive disorder, adjustment disorder, anxiety, separation anxiety disorder in children, etc.) and require attention on the familial level. At Marsdens Clinical Psychology, every case is treated on an individual basis and the treating clinical psychologist will make an informed decision as to who should attend treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved. Please do not hesitate to call Marsdens Clinical Psychology if you have any further questions.