Adam McRae


Adam has over ten years of experience in mental health and has worked as a psychologist with adolescents and adults suffering a range of psychological difficulties. He has extensive experience with men’s health issues, working as a health coach to create behaviour change in such area’s as smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise, and managing alcohol intake; and other area’s of major life transition such as becoming a father and adjusting to the changes in personal circumstances and relationships.

Adam also enjoys working with the occupational difficulties that people may endure in their workplaces, helping individuals to overcome adversity and reach their potential in their chosen careers. He has worked extensively with individuals seeking employment and those just looking for a change in their career.

Adam is currently the clinical team leader of the Suicide Prevention Program at Headspace in Wollongong and enjoys sharing his expertise through the supervision of more junior psychologists who work to lower the risk of adolescent suicide and self-harm and improve the lives of young people with mental illness.

Adam believes in helping people overcome difficult circumstances, thoughts, and troubling emotions to be the person that they want to be and live the life that wants to live. His strength is his diverse background in training and professional development that allows him the opportunity to use successful and evidence-based therapies to help those in need.

Adam is specifically trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Health Coaching and motivational interviewing, as well as in anger management programs. Adam is also trained in working with people to overcome suicidality and self-harm behaviours and is passionate about suicide prevention.