HSC Stress & Anxiety Workshop

Minimise Stress to Maximise Performance


Marsden Clinical Psychology are running workshops to help year 11 & 12 students manage stress, maximise their wellbeing and achieve their HSC goals.

Four topics will be covered, one per week and these will be repeated in June, July, and August. You can attend one topic of interest or all four (recommended to gain full benefit). Pick and choose your dates but don’t hesitate to book now because places will fill up quickly!


1.  Boost Brain Power

  • Session explains the brain and body’s response to stress.
  • Strategies to manage the physical sensations of stress e.g. Breathing exercises, Progressive Muscle Relaxation.


2.  Think like an Olympian

Session highlights how a person’s thoughts and perceptions can influence their experience of stress.

  • Link between thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and behaviour.
  • Strategies include identifying unhelpful thinking styles, and cognitive restructuring.


3.  Get Sh*t done

Session explores what might be underlying procrastination and ways to address it.

  • Identify forms of procrastination
  • Discuss perfectionism, and avoidance behaviours.
  • Strategies to manage procrastination


4.  Rise above stress

Session focuses on acceptance of the reality of HSC stress, and how to achieve wellbeing in light of that.

·      Alternatives to struggling/fighting against the stress

·      Strategies include mindfulness exercises, and acceptance techniques.



When: Mondays 4-5pm in February, March, April, May of 2018.

Where: Marsden Clinical Psychology. Unit 6, Lower Ground, 44-46 Hopetoun St. Woonona.

Cost: $15/session. (Bulk billing may be considered with a Mental Health Treatment Plan).


To register your interest or book your spot:

To register your interest, please contact Marsden Clinical Psychology via phone (0411 542 624) or email (info@marsdenpsychology.com.au). Alternately, you can click here to book an appointment.