Training & Supervision

Training and supervising other psychologists and mental health professionals is something that our senior psychologists at Marsden Psychology take a lot of pleasure in. We feel grateful that we have the opportunity to support our colleagues and help them on their journey to become better clinicians.

Supervision Options

Clinical Psychology Registrar Program

If you work for Marsden Psychology as a clinical psychology registrar, you will likely be eligible for supervision to meet the requirements of your registrar program. We offer individual clinical supervision with board approved supervisors, as well as offering opportunities for attendance at our inhouse group supervision sessions that are run on a fortnightly basis.


Individual supervision can be provided to anyone by our psychologists. We have board approved clinical supervisors that can provide supervision that is recognised by AHPRA for registrar programs, and can also provide supervision for the purposes of the 5+1 psychology programs. Individual supervision can also be provided on an as needs basis to psychologists and mental health professionals.

Our Supervisors

Dr Nick Marsden

Clinical Psychologist & Director

Dr Ashley Gault

Senior Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor

Dr Kathryn Berry

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Interested in our supervision options?

To enquire about supervision, read about our psychologists and make an enquiry via
email: or via phone: (02) 91390126

Training and Workshops

The senior psychologists at Marsden Psychology are happy to consider any requests for professional workshops.

Workshops we can provide

For Teachers / Schools

  • Helping autistic children integrate in the classroom
  • Helping ADHD kids to reach their potential

Making sense of neuropsychological assessments: learning disorders

For Preschools / Parents

  • Bringing up resilient kids
  • Separating without anxiety

For workplaces

  • Stress less with mindfulness
  • Working with heart: vulnerability in the workplace

Have a question?

There can be lots of questions that come up when you’re figuring out Training and Supervision options. If can’t find the information you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.